Media Wishlist

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1. Everybody should stop treating journalists like they're the only ones with deadly jobs. More pedestrians are needlessly getting killed than journalists at any given day - and they're not even getting occupational hazard pay.

2. In relation to #1, the government should stop brown nosing by passing laws too specific for journalism as a whole instead of working on laws where everybody could benefit from. Making government documents legally available to everybody will limit the need for oversensational investigations.

3. It's the 21st century, let's accept the fact that even journalists are corruptible. You draw the conclusions where I'm getting at on this one.

4. Journalists should stop asking for the opinions of famous people on issues just because they're famous, and not because they know what they're talking about. This applies to bishops, half-educated senators, university figureheads (from the wrong department) and bloggers.

5. Stop calling nobodies who claim they're experts as "experts" just because they seem so sure about what they're saying.

6. Stop using the word "kaganapan" entirely. It will make life much easier for everybody.

7. The internet is a nice place to get information from, but it's never a good place to base public opinion. Like it or not, online is still a niche crowd.

8. "Sponsored" news bits should be declared as such. That's how it was done before, that's how it should be done now.

9. We need more news about business and the economy. Once upon a time we actually had these on public TV.

10. Ramon Tulfo is a biased asshole, but he's honest about his polarities. The rest of the industry should at least be more open about it like him.

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