Condo Locations in Metro Manila : A Review

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's a short evaluation of potential locations of your condominium unit.

The Fort
Dubbed as the next Makati, The Fort is quickly developing , like a pubescent gremlin, with construction work ongoing in almost every block. Transportation seems ample, and amenities are available, though on the upscale side. With units being priced at their most expensive (5m for a studio type, fucking really?), one has to wonder if all those new condos will ever be filled with tennants. Keep in mind the relationship of price and oversupply. Mark my word, prices will drop in the next half decade, here unless we all suddenly wake up one day with all our teeth stolen and the tooth fairy singlehandedly makes us overnight millionaires.

Libis Eastwood
Eastwood used to dream to become what the Fort is now - the IT hub of the whole country. Which didn't really happen as planned. Personally I think the developers of this place had one goal in mind: to provide all the comforts of luxury living and combine it with the added bonus of being in the middle of fucking nowhere, surrounded by traffic jam not seen elsewhere except in Bangkok and the sixth circle of hell. Companies are now moving piece by piece to The Fort, and residents of condos here might be surprised one day to find out that they're all alone already.

McKinley Hill -
The silent, serial killerish little brother of The Fort. Most of the time people actually think M.Hill is part of the Fort, which it isn't because the two are seperated by a huge cemetery and the two places are only connected in two places - C5 and Lawton avenue. It's actually deliberate. The Fort does not want anything to do with McKinely Hill, and the two are being maintained by rival land developers. McKinley Hill hates pedestrians as much as it hates accessibility, making sure there is barely any semblance of public transportation going into and out of the place, and even less transportation to go around when you're already inside. Assumption here is even the street sweep has a car, so this place has more carparks than actual places to go to (hint: apart from the Piazza, there's not much of anything else). There are no Jollibees to speak of, but there are three McDonald outlets. Live here, and you will forever hate Big Macs.

Makati CBD - There are hardly any new condos being put up here anymore, and justifiably so. Live here and you're in the middle of everything and you won't have to go far to get what you want. Not that you can go far even if you wanted to go far. Makati is a 24/7 business hub and the traffic that is associated with it can be compared to toothpaste dripping. Long slow oozing followed by a fast break, and then back to long slow oozing that will make even the pope bored.

Greenhills - Thanks to the advent of condo development, you can now live in places where rich people live while still being poor as a rat - well, relatively anyway. "Where do you live?" "Oh I live in Wakwak - where Erap has his mansion." "Wow, you must be rich and have a big house." "Well actually, it's pretty big, if you happen to be a smurf."

Boni Edsa - I remember SM calling their building here the "light residences", which is just fucking apt. Any building tennant that lives near this place will be seeing a lot of lights, as it's right beside EDSA where the headlights of incoming cars, trucks and buses are sure to make your night illuminated, whether you like it or not.

Manila - Combining the ambiance of historically preserved facades (translation: parts of it still looks like it's still being bombed by the Japanese) and the air of regality that's always been accorded to the nation's capital (i.e. it's polluted as hell), you will get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Manila bay as well as the surrounding parks that dot the district (occassionally the bay surges and floods those parks, and the front of your condo too) Manila is the best.


Anonymous said...

what about price range (even in abstract terms, like, "cheap", "mid-priced", "expensive", "don't-even...")?

balita ko bahain ang McKinley Hill. what about the others?


Hmm I have data about those things, but I haven't really compiled them yet. Ranges tend to vary from building to building, but generally the price range is ranked as follows:

The Fort,MakatiCBD
Libis Eastwood

Fort Global Condo said...

Thanks po sa article and comments niyo. It gave me an idea of where to buy a condo.


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