Pool's Closed, 2 Years Later

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The title of this story is a followup reference to two articles I wrote a few years back about my cramp-inducing exciting adventures swimming in Hong Kong.

And here.

To be fair to myself, I swam also between 2008 and now, but not as often as I did back then. That was the case at least until I discovered two months ago, thanks to my new officemates, that there is in fact a pool in the Army Gym, and that their required attire does not include combat boots.

So anyway, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I swim there after office hours, or during the cases that I have to return to office to work after, "during" office hours. Actually, I can personally attest that you are mentally at your sharpest right after doing exercise - up to just before sitting down in front of your computer - afterwhich your brain goes on strike, says "Fuck it." and then proceeds to notify every muscle of your body to go nappy time.

I think I'm doing progress though. I'm happy to report that I am now able to surpass my previous par of four laps easily, and without having to cheat myself by losing count somewhere during the third lap, or stop midway and pretend that I'm adjusting my goggles when in fact, I'm trying to convince my lungs that continuing for another 20 meters will not, in fact, kill me.

So far, I've already managed to practice on the three types of breast stroke. The fast breast stroke, the slow breast stroke, and the breast stroke where the breast is not mine to stroke (just kidding. my gf is reading this).

My next target is freestyle, which I admit, I never really fully mastered. It did not help that I discovered the wonders of breaststroke at a young age, which encourages, if not flat out forces you to become a lazy swimmer. Experts in swimming strokes may strongly disagree, but I feel that I am their equal, as I myself am an expert in breasts. (just kidding again. my gf is reading this).

Actually this article is somewhat pointless for you guys, I just wanted to banter on about swimming. This is mainly for myself, five years on, when I've forgotten that I wrote this article. This is to remind myself that sometime in the past, I dreamed big. I sailed towards my dreams.

And I kept sinking like the frigging Titanic.

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