Kingdom Hearts DS R4 Revolution 358/2 Days Download

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surprise surprise. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS is out, with a whopping 250++MB of memory requirement, and a new piracy protection scheme. I was afraid my cloned R4 Revolution III wouldn't be able to handle it but after experimenting with some of the available patches online, one of them actually worked. (so far)

Rapidshare download after the skip.

Anyway, I had to use the patching program @ GBATemp.Net but in the process I had to reupdate my .NET plugin for my pc after some minor complications. No biggie. Since I know half of the people who will be stumbling across this post can't even be bothered to execute an already prepackaged patching program without every having their hands dirtied by actual hex editing, or god forbid, reverse engineering, I've taken the liberty of uploading a copy in Rapidshare.

p.s. don't ask me to do the same in megaupload. I hate their site and I don't like my pc being raped by trojans.

Special thanks to AntonKan who made it possible to work around Squeenix's piracy protection by just using a few

You can download the NDS file here:

edit: removed, file oversized.

Just try to manually patch using this link until I find some other place to upload.

Feel free to suggest the location.


Anonymous said...

my friend download it and when he play multiplayer doesn't work with his friend that he bought. is it the r4 or wat?

Anonymous said...

hmm ihave the same problem just like when i first got it on my R4 before i patched it, on multiplayer the game freezes

Anonymous said...

Hi dear friends, You are saying it's doesn't work in multiplayer. But i am already use it. It's made for multiplayer. Please you can confirm which one you are downloaded.

r4 revolution

Anonymous said...

I think that you can try uploading the file in Rapidshare if you split into 3 .rar files or something like that

Anonymous said...

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(Posted using Fling for R4i Nintendo DS.)

Anonymous said...

i download this from a downloading store with an r4 but it says " save file cant be found or something like thta what meaning of that is something with my r4?

alen mcmilan said...

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nintendo ds r4 said...

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