Oxygen : A Quick Review

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In keeping with the request that we should become more informative here in Public Static, we will be reviewing something that affects everybody on a day to day basis.



- Tastes quite refreshing when two parts are mixed with hydrogen (works great with 8 o'clock concentrate)

- Fully compatibe with most lungs in the market, (unless it's from mars)

- Primary ingredient of Fire Breathing Dragons

- Allowed man to invent the fire, and as a direct consequence of thousands of years of innovation, instant popcorn (which rules)

- Can be stored in a tank, or a plastic bag when you're too poor but need to go underwater for extended periods of time, like during storm season

and you're in UST.

- Plants gladly convert fart into this, so it's readily accessible.


- Kind of sucks when you mix with carbon

- Fucks up freshly sliced fruits and wine after a while

- Does not float, like Hydrogen and Helium, which would've made flying a whole lot easier.

- Rust, man. Rust.

- The clothing line using the name has tops that will only look good on half-starved somali pirates, and only if they hold their breath in.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

maybe the firt pro sentence can be rearranged to: tastes refreshing when one part is combined with two parts hydrogen. because water is H2O not HO2. hehe


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