Noy you don't.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yesterday, Inquirer ran an article about a displaced bum "political analyst" saying that Noynoy will come up with his own decisions on the cabinet members, and that's a good thing. I'm sure with GMA's "acting on her own" antics for 9 years, and the irrersible damages she's done, everybody else shares the same sentiment.

Two wrongs, however, don't make a right.

First, we should stop acting like first time parents every time Noynoy insists he will not listen to anybody and do his own thing. We aren't his parents so we shouldn't go "Awww, look at him, he's doing is own thing!" Noynoy may look like an overgrown retarded kid but let's not treat him like one because he's not a kid.

"Let him do what he wants" only applies if he knows what he's doing. Letting a kid do his "thing" so he can learn is different from letting a president do his "thing", because ramifications for both cases are as different as night and day. Our president is not a two year old kid and we cannot afford to make him learn by experience at our expense. Advices may sound bad, but they're better than just guessing shit.

Bare in mind that prior to 2010, this guy's greatest political achievement is to get elected three times in a row. That's basically like a student whose biggest bragging rights is being able to enroll himself, or even worse, convince others to enroll for him.

If he will keep on treating every advice coming his way as some sort of STD, we're bound to get screwed again, albeit this time it's less deliberate and more retarded.

We picked the guy, the least we can do is try to see the guy for what we voted him for - somebody who doesn't know the evils of politics - and at the same time somebody who doesn't know pretty much anything else, period.

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