That OLFU MRT commercial

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Before I get bombarded with half-assed angry posts, I have nothing against Our Lady of Fatima University, or its students. I respect the school and I respect the people associated with it.

What I'm going to talk about is the MRT commercial that keeps on getting played every God-given day that I ride it. If you're riding the MRT too, you know what the hell I'm talking about. It's about a boy/girl looking for a course and his father/sister helps in the decision making process.

The girl/sister version, I can understand. But the father/son version, no matter how many times I try to listen to it, it just doesn't make sense. I'll tell you why.

The commercial begins when a son goes up to his dad and tells him that he doesn't know what course to take. Understandable. I remember asking my dad for suggestions too and he said to take the course I hate the most and get good at it, which is why I'm a programmer and I write more than I program.

Anyway back to the commercial, the dad then goes on to tell his wonderful son about how OLFU is a good school with high standards and low tuition fees with lots of wonderful courses. The son of course buys in, in a true MRT commercial fashion.

He ends with the line "I've decided! Sa OLFU na rin ako!"


I'm not sure if my analysis is correct, but wasn't he looking for a COURSE? Why is the kid so happy to have found OLFU for an answer? Is it really a course? Have I been getting it wrong all these years?

I'm thinking if you're already picking a course for college and you cant even distinguish picking a course and picking a university, finding the right course is the least of your worries.

We can't have a Bachelor of De La Salle University majoring in Benilde. That's just wrong. What will they teach you there? How to find cheap parking spaces, bypass the dress code and still look skanky, and forage for legal smoking joints?

God bless OLFU, but that commercial just has to go.


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