Sam Milby is a good person

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To be fair, Sam is representing a very noble cause in this picture. Education is a good thing because if you have it you don't have to suck the proverbial producer cock so you can get sent to a reality TV show just to get a job. Yeah, I like education.

Honestly though, am I the only one creeped out by Sam in this picture? It's like he's advertising rape or something. There are only so many expressions that you can make while holding a child's photo that will raise serious red flags in people's heads. Like the above example. Grinning like you're about to hit underaged paydirt raises so many red flags, I'd think communism is in again.

Remember Michael Jackson? Yeah, me too.


weremanok said...


Anonymous said...

Pwede rin literal!

© Gello - kun` said...

Yeah, you're right Jet. there are lot of expressions with that photo - and proves that communism is in once again.


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