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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey guys.

First of all I'd like to thank all the regulars who keep on visiting site. I'm glad you guys had fun reading the stuff that I really enjoy making too. We've had our serious moments, funny moments, corny moments, seriously-what-the-hell-is-he-thinking moments. Some of you probably have gotten angry at me for the stuff I put here, and I guess I kinda deserve the hate most of the time. Everything's done in jest, however, save for a few serious articles, all I've ever really wanted is for people to be informed, to be entertained, and to be able to pass time when they've nothing better to do (i.e. work)

Let's stop the jokes for a while, because I have something serious to discuss - and I promises this is not one of my stupid tricks.

Tomorrow, my girlfriend Anna (N*kumanju, for the people who know her as a writer from Fanfare) will be having an operation to have cysts removed from her body. While I have faith in the skill of the doctor who will be doing the operation, the procedure is not without risks.

Because of this I would ask the readers of this site, whether you are an online friend, a personal friend, a regular visitor or just a passerby to pray for Anna. I'm not a very religious man, but I do believe in a higher being. For all those sacreligious things I've said before, I believe in a God who has a sense of humor too.

I believe in prayers, and right now I believe Anna needs all the prayers that she can get. I don't even care what your religion is, we're all basically praying to the same God anyway. Please, pray for my girlfriend. If you're atheist, I'm sure one day of of theism can't hurt.

Please pray for Anna and her family. Pray for her speedy, and full recovery.

I love this girl too much to risk losing her, and I believe this is the least that I can do right now.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I already put this request of yours to my YM status. I ask them to pray for Anna even though they don't know her. I am doing this because I really feel your sincerity in that post.
I hope Anna will be OK.


Many thanks. :)

Binny V A said...

I hope Anna will get well soon. Pass on my best wishes to her.

© Gello - kun` said...

Sure Jet. no prob :)

Anonymous said...

Along with my prayers. I hope it has gone well/will go smoothly.


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