I Heart You Online Video And Lyrics

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I very rarely feature songs here, but if this doesn't fall in the d'awww cute video category, I don't know what else will. I Heart You Online is a song about facebook, and probably the massive swath of stalkers produced by the current generation of teenagers.

Cutesy lyrics after the jump.

I Heart You Online

Every morning I wake up with lingering dreams of you and my heart is beguile.
I struggle to think just what else I can do, then log into my favourite online social networking website
I want to be in your profile picture
I want to be a permanent fixture on your wall
You're so beautiful
Wish I could be in your profile status
Featuring the place where you update us
Maybe then i'll hug you online
I heart you online.

I can see from you information you like japanese animation and stir fry
well so do I
I read the books that you love reading
I must say you're quite appealing.
Maybe you can poke me sometime
I heart you online.
I heart you online.

Ba da ba da da baa
Ba da ba da da baa
Da da da da da da

Click on my face and tell me that you love me!
You signed your message with three kisses, could be wrong but i think this is
Your way to convey
That my love is not unrequited
But i won't get too excited
Since you're only virtually mine
I heart you online.

I heart you online
I heart you online.


weremanok said...

i heart you online pare...

Jherskie said...

harhar! i can't help but loop the song over and over =)



tiks said...


Anonymous said...

It says I'll hug you online instead of I'll have you in mine, just though I would let ya know


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