Katamari Damacy Online Release Update

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katamary Damacy Online is going to be released, albeit only for Korea right now. To prove that I am a complete nerd, I'm actually more excited about this than seeing a sex video of Ruffa Mae Quinto and Hayden Kho. We're talking balls here too, but bigger balls. Katamari-Damacy-grade insanity balls.

In case you've been living in Afghanistan for the last decade, Katamari Damacy is an insane Japanese video game that requires you to roll everthing around you into a ball, which sounds insane, but is actually very very fun (in an insane kind of way)

Coupled with a soundtrack that can only be described as a Japanese acid trip for the auditory nerves, Katamari Damacy is a game that creates a niche for its own and then goes on to cover it with flowers and rockets and other farcical things you can think of.

Katamari Damacy Online, originally slated for release some 2 years back, the game seems to be back in track again after WindSoft released several new character images on a Korean Website

Redevelopment is said to have kicked off this year so the release date will probably still take a while, but I can wait. Meanwhile, I'll probably just go practice making Katamari balls out of the most abundant real world objects round me, like poverty and manic depression.


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Mai said...

Hahaha you just made my day when you told me about this. Albeit I'm still having my doubts, I still wish that I'm wrong and this really is the real deal.

And yeah, big balls rule. Hot damn.


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