Monday, September 06, 2010

In as much as I don't like to generalize without having a going explanation for it, Pajeros and Nissan Patrols are big assholes on the road. It's like the vehicle's engine has an extra piston just for shafting other road users. I can't explain it. The best theory I have so far is that before buying a Pajero, the dealers give the potential owner a marshmallow test. If the customer ends up torturing the marshmallow to death and tossing its sorry remains into the river, that's the only time a purchase will be allowed. This way, they get to keep their status quo of keeping the owner's club exclusive. Other than that, I have no real explanation.

Okay, to be fair, lots of other road assholes use other vehicles. For guys using Pajeros however, there's a higher chance that he will act like he owns the road compared to other cars, like say a Kia Pride, or even a Cherry bikemobile.

It doesn't help that Pajeros and Nissan Patrols are the standard use vehicles of VIP escort vehicles, which in case you have not encountered yet, are tax-paid professional road assholes that ensure selfimportant government officials make you and me feel no different than particularly destitute earthworms. If it's a point for improvement, these vehicles are no longer using blaring sirens. But that doesn't make them less of jerks, in the same way a dude who takes a shit in your lawn will be no different whether or not he's singing while doing the deed.

On a more minor note, it's well worth mentioning that in Spanish, Pajero means "a guy who masturbates".

I'd say it's quite apt.

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