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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

National Union of Journalists of the Philippines is cautioning the government against filing any form of criminal charges against any journalists because of what happened in the hostage taking, because it might set a precedent that could threaten them from fulfilling their sacred duty in informing the Filipino people. In other news, the National Union of Truck Drivers of the Philippines followed suit, saying they should not be held liable when they do a shitty job and run over pedestrians in trying to fulfill their sacred duty of supplying the Filipino people with bottled soft drinks. Negligence is negligence.

Aquino gave the report on the 8/23 inicdent to the Chinese first, trigerring an outcry from all circles of society from the high and mighty senators to the not so high and mighty taho vendor. Patriotic bullshit aside, will anything change on the report if the Chinese got it first? If they released the copy in the morning, the lot of us who have normal jobs or school loads will have to wait in the evening to read it anyway (that is, if ANYBODY actually read it). Much ado over nothing.

Homework is now being banned during weekends. The kid that I used to be would've agreed wholeheartedly. Homework during weekends only translated to more things that I needed to copy from my classmates who clearly had a different idea of education, come Monday morning. Research papers are an exception of course, but thanks to the internet, that sort of thing is fast becoming a trivial activity as well. A clear overhaul of the education paradigm needs to be done, obviously, but for now, having a worry free Saturday and Sunday sounds like a good idea.

Stocks are at an all time high. All the more reason why entry should be with utmost caution. You're playing card games with people who dedicate their lives to get ahead in trading. Whatever the market mood is, somebody made it that way to profit the most. Just a food for thought.

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