She's All That

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When asked what is the quintessential movie for the teenage years of my generation, I can only think of one movie: She's All That.

(just look at the smile on that bastard)

Any guy from my generation who could afford to watch movies wanted Rachel Leigh Cook for a girlfriend as seen in this movie. It's not even too farfetched to think that one time you probably dreamt of being Freddie Prince jr, if only because he got to hook up with Rachel in this movie.

Asking a guy to describe her dream date for the prom was, he'd answer "Rachel Leigh Cook". Back then, that was the only acceptable answer that didn't involve prior knowledge of pornstar names.

In case you actually missed this movie, it's all about a jock AND scholar guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend. He makes a bet with a friend that he can make anybody become the prom queen in a short span of time and picks the nerdy Rachel Leigh Cook to become the target of his little project. Rachel Leigh Cook of course, undergoes a transformation that shocks even mr. Jock-AND-scholar. After 1.5 hours of movietime, the two finally hook up, and every teenage guy in the audience goes *sigh*.

Why on earth the guy's friend agreed to it despite the fact that Rachel was already steaming cute even as a nerd is beyond me.

As a final proof of my point, I personally have an original copy of this movie, and is one of the very few movies that I ever bought original copies of. Call the movie campy, or whatever the hell it is that you like to call it, but it did influence the preferences of a whole generation of guys.

And yes, ladies and gents, She's All That.

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ticoi said...

reminds me of my puberty habits. hmm..


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