Legend of Chunli : Horrible Posters

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I wont tell you how horrible the movie is. I've only seen trailers and it would be wrong for me to judge a movie by its trailers. What I can do tell you is that the posters of the movie sucks floppy donkey publicity dick. Just look at the poster. I'm not a graphics expert but this really looks like something either from the desk of a 14yo kid who just learned photoshop or a lowbudget movie from the 90s. Either way, it can't be good. Legend of Chunli is about, first and foremost, Chun Li.

So why is it that the person doing the kicking in the silhouette a GUY? Meanwhile, Chun li gets delegated to the far end of the poster, where she could be passed off as a minor character.

It gets better.

Maybe it's just me, or maybe at the last moment somebody from the thousand-strong production crew had a moment of genius. "wait a minute," this guy says. "if this movie is called Street Fighter and it has Chun Li in it, shouldn't Chun Li at least be in the poster, looking like Chun Li, doing Chun Li moves?"

Truest words ever spoken.

Unfortunately, it was all too late. The movie is done. The characters look nothing like their Street Fighter counterparts and the only way they can change things is through the only thing not yet done: the posters. Unforunately, we all know from Smallville that Kristine Kreuk can't kick for shit if her life and career depended on it, so they had to turn to the one guy who could change things: The stupid photoshop retard who made the original posters.

Armed with nothing but Adobe Photoshop and his amazing 14yo-level talents, photoshop guy managed to do something very few of his level could ever do:

Blatant false advertisement that screams "this is bullshit" from 500 meteres away.

1. That's not her leg.
2. That's not even her arm.
3. The guy is the same guy who got kicked in the original poster.
4. Chun Li's face is anything but in a kick-your-face mood.

If the posters are this bad, I can't really say the movie can get any better.


Menaya Garces said...

You probably want to wait for the film. You can never really tell. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, lol. They took the nearest available Chun doodle and shoehorned it, with tragicomic results.

And yes...the movie. Jumping Jiminy Cricket. The movie was awful. Let's say I saw it via extra-theatrical means and still felt ripped off. It makes the Van Damme one look like Citizen Kane. It's quite possibly worse than Daredevil. That's how bad it was.

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