Final 15. For now.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's been a long four weeks, and I guess tonight's a good time to keep the it's-still-a-personal-blog part of this blog up to date. One good reason I have for not updating as regularly as possible is that I entered Laffapalooza 2 by JackTV roughly 4 weeks ago. I made it to the Final 15, well above my expectations. But then again, when you're expecting nothing, anything that doesn't result in injury is pretty much above expectations.

I know for a fact that I could have done better, but I'm not really much into that "regret" thing emos keep on raving about. Mark my words, however, that the Final 15 result is by no means anything final.

Tonight I did my first real Open Mic. The shit I did in HK doesn't count (no offense Jami), and the workshops aren't really done with real audiences. The crowds weren't as big as I expected but then again, it's a Tuesday night. I got real laughs that don't involve a tickling feather, a loaded .45, and a kind word like before.

So far my GF hasn't officially disowned me for my corny jokes so it's still good. (Thanks for being there, Anna! Next time tell them your real age please. I don't like getting he's-a-pedophile looks from people who aren't from the precinct)

That said, the Open Mic felt awesome, and I'm going to keep at it.

Laffapalooza 3, better watch out!

Now, I have done standup comedy and with the help of my cousin, I've finished a real short film. That's two checks in my List Of Things To Do Before I Die. And I'm feeling that doing things in that list is suicide in the most challenging way possible.I'm not alarmed though. I still haven't met any twins worthy/willing to help me mark off the other items in my list.

As a message to myself, here are the few things that I still need to improve on:

- Cutting unnecessary movement, from swaying on stage, to swinging my head, to sudden unnecessary uncontrolled urinations. Just kidding. That last part was partially controlled.

- Facial expressions. I need to learn how to fucking smile at my own jokes at least. Seriously. Or not.

- Better diction. Maybe I should apply at a callcenter just to improve on my accents? Bonus if I work with Indians so I can improve on some jokes too.

If you guys want to see me do some of the things I write down on this blog, you can go see me next week at Toyz Cafe, Palanca St. Makati (near Enterprise Bldg). Drop a message if you're going. Drop a message if you're going and are planning to take me out with a baseball bat.

That's all for now. FOR NOW.

Sa mga naghahanap ng vids, I do have them. I just haven't uploaded them yet on yewtube. Too tired. Tomorrow maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I work near Enterprise Center. When is this exactly?


The show starts around 9pm, more or less.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'll see if I can drop by.


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