Aeolia Schenberg's Plan - A Gundam 00 Primer

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Okay, so Gundam 00 S2 EP12 subbed is just around the corner, and we might as well take the time to do a bit of review here regarding the central focus of the series: Aeolia Schenberg's Plan.

this guy is fucking with you.

Everybody keeping up to date with the series knows that Aeolia's plan has something to do with eradicating conflict to promote long last peace. That's the part of the plan WE know.

I think it goes deeper than just that.

Starting form the first episode this season, we were introduced one by one to a group of individuals called "innovators", a bunch of genetically engineered humans who both look feminine and masculine at the same time due to their androgynous nature.

Last season, we had Tieria, a gundam pilot who looked really fagged up enough by normal standards. Fans of the series who are used to seeing sexually distinctive women in Gundam suddenly had mixed emotions about Tieria, bringing up the dilemma "If you imagine that character as a girl, but is by canon a guy, and you start having fantasies about him/her, does that make you gay?"

If you find this picture sexy, you might be a potential cocksucker.

And then came Regene, who looks like a Tieria, but is legally female. At first look, it seemed that the Sunrise, the series maker finally indulged on the now-turning-bicurious fans of Tieria and gave them a Tieria who is actually a woman. A Tieria with a distinctly feminine voice. No more ambiguity. No more questioning your own sexuality. Nice.

Or is it?

Episode 8 comes along and just shuffles the cards again. We see Tieria with a feminine voice, a dress, and breasts. Meanwhile, Regene is wearing a tuxedo in a sudden reversal of roles. I felt the surge of mixed emotions filling the messageboards and blogs that weekend. People simply didn't know how to react at what they're seeing.

Yes, sir. I have a penis under this dress.

Every week, Gundam00 shuffles repeatedly across the fine line between "cute" and "gay", gradually erasing it in the process, and people who happen to be watching the show for anything else are slowly, discretely, but forcefully indocrinated to the idea that it's cool to fall for feminine men afterall.

What do I think about it? I think this is the true Aeolia plan. Turn the fans gay, and unify the fanboy base with the yaoi-loving (i.e. people who like men making out with men) fanbase and cater to their whims easier.

Sunrise is using Gundam00 to you gay. And the 00 stands for the testicles that you will eventually lose after watching this shit long enough.

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