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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Begging is a pretty unique profession. When it's not Christmas, begging is just begging and people are cool with it, but when December hits, you can't just beg old-school style. You have to do it musically, or they'll start calling you a lazy bastard. Does your work require you to sing with a tambourine made of bottle caps during Christmas Season? I don't think so, fucker.

Christmas is like a big celebration of Christ's birthday. Here in the Philippines, Christmas season starts in the -ber months. From September to January, that's more than a whopping 4 months. 1 day out of every three days we spend our lifetimes in is Christmas. So if you're a clown and you're invited to perform for Christ's party...

Pag ako nagkaanak, papangalanan ko syang Simbang Gabi. Para sa wakas, masasabi ko na "Nakabuo na ako ng Simbang Gabi!"

The day I realized Santa sold me out was the first time I got spam mail through my chimney.

I think congressmen are a lot like Santa Claus. They're fat, believable only up to a certain age, and work only once a year - and we're supposed to thank them for it.

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