10 Signs Your Company Might Be Tanking

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The financial crisis is right at our doorsteps people, doing whatever it is that bad people do on office doorsteps (take a shit, etc). For all we know, it's bringing in the dreaded "kabuhayang pangkalye" package in exchange for our jobs. Here's a little checklist to know if your company is in danger of being flushed down the financial toilet.

1. A new memo arrived requiring you to reuse staplewires from old documents.

2. The old documents where the staplewires are coming from now serve as substitute for the previously rationed tissue paper rolls.

3. You have a "Pasaload available here" sign in front of your office, and it's managed by the finance department.

4. Overseas deployments now involve you having to ride out of the country on a boat filled with fishermen who routinely "accidentally get lost".

5. You request for a workstation upgrade and all you get for it are flame stickers that are supposed to make your PC look extra fast.

6. Company talks now involve lengthy prayers dedicated to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

7. And the guy leading the prayer isn't even Catholic.

8. Your company outing takes you to an unmarked plantation where you'll be doing "team spirit reinforcing activities" like cutting sugar cane stalks and planting rice under the blazing sun.

9. Your new mission/vision statement has the word "surviving".

10. Your water cooler suspiciously no longer runs out of water, and has a newly installed funny looking steel pipe that leads to the plumbing of your pantry's faucet.

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deitybeck said...

forced to shutdown at 9!


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