Worst Commercial of The Year

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So there we were, my girlfriend and me, sitting inside the cinema watching trailers before the IronMan flick started showing when BAM! Like a sudden surprise turd missile, this commercial hit us in the face. I didn't even have time to react. By the time we realized it, there's enough proverbial shit from premiere to balcony.

The commercial starts with a very important socioeconomic question.


Music reminiscent of Resident Evil starts playing like a prelude to some horrible consequence of the rice shortage. But we never get that. Instead we're treated to probably the weirdest looking rice-service guy ever.

Look at him. It's like the only reason he's enjoying feeding the customers is that because he's bound to eat them afterwards Hansel and Gretel style. And no, the creepy music did not help.

And let's be a bit objective here for a second. How tasteless should your marketing campaign be to find the threat of a looming national food crisis as an appealing come-on line for your food outlet? It's like seeing Baygon ads trying to reach out to emo kids who want to kill themselves. (Not that many will disapprove, but you get the idea) No rice? What the hell.

No, thank you . And fuck you.

In the interest of protecting the restaurant's rep, I will not say its name here. Just because the commercial sucks doesn't mean the food there sucks too. I'll leave it to you guys to find that out for yourselves.

All I can say is, this year will be a year of commercials ruled by this NO RICE?! commercial.

Good show.


FiSHCAKE! said...

The extra rice dude is you minus the glasses.

Zarah said...

Masarap dyan sa Mang Inasal. :)

Blue Yukata said...

At least his impersonation of Boy Abunda is... errrmmm... ummm... good? And yeah, his way of asking if the guy wants another extra rice is creepy and freaky at the same time... @_@


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