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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If you're thinking I've been idling out too much because I'm not posting these past few days, you're wrong. Only the pure of heart can read my blogposts. No, I don't know what the pure of heart would want to read in my site, that's just the way those guys roll.

To complete the randomness of this post, have a picture of Stonehenge that I took last year. I learned three things about Stonehenge during my trip that I could not have learned about in books:

- Stonehenge is in the middle of nowhere.
- Middle of nowhere means you're surrounded by nothing but stalls selling fish and chips and film for your digital camera.
- Birds like to crap on the stones.
- Birds occasionally change routines and start crapping on people.
- The grass around Stonehenge are filled with sheep dung.
- You can't cast end of the world spells without paying for the 12 Pound entrance fee
(roughly 1200 pesos) and even if you do, you still can't stand in the middle.
- Summoning satan is a bitch when you're just standing on the side alongside other tourists and they keep on yelling "Oy, move yo ass down tha layn" in perfect Salisbury accent.

Somebody over a two thousand years ago obviously had waaaay too much time in his hands.

So obviously we travel halfway around the globe to take pictures of the end product.


Anna said...

That's not stone hedge. That's just a picture of the sky and ink blots.

Ha. Pure of heart.

FiSHCAKE said...

I <3 Banksy's "Portable Toilet Stonehenge" better.


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