On Cory and The Country

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This blog has 560 posts since a little over a year and a half ago. Less than five of them have been about politics. This one I just have to let out of my system. *hinga*


She's not all that you think she is. More than half of the people who will be reading this probably learned of her first through school text books. The very same books that told you you were either Indones, Malay, or Ita and nothing else, not considering the influx of the Chinese, and every race with three cannons and 20 guns that decided to invade us. The same book that said democracy was the only thing the Americans had in mind during their occupation. Yeah, those books.

Think about it now. If you really think hard, Cory could've easy been any other Filipino. Just so happens that she was THE Ninoy Aquino's spouse. Stock economy would've taken off after the Marcos regime no matter who sat down as president. The enacted 1986 constitution was something mandatory and it would've happened no matter who sat down as president.

She looks larger than life because she became a symbol of our emergence from the dictatorship of Marcos. That was well over 20 years ago, I think we can stop kissing her toes now. Symbolizing freedom, she did well. We should've let her stop there.

Her administration was hellbent on taking another direction. If you were born around my time, you'd remember brownouts. Can you recall when those brownouts happened most often? Yeah, her administration. At least during Marcos's time they were using blackouts for a reason. I won't even go to that bit about rice shortage. That'll just make me rage even more. Where was she during all this? She was standing in the middle, wearing yellow.

Then there was the declaration of full governmental bankruptcy and the consequential acceptance of ALL known debt from the previous government, dooming our nation to a life of financial slavery for the next N years. Unknown to many, a new administration can actually deny debts from the previous one on good grounds. Remember Bataan nuclear power plant? Yeah, we just took a big one up our ass back then and didn't even wonder where all the overpricing profits went. We just said "Sure, we'll pay for those too!"

She couldn't even send a single Marcos crony to jail for pete's sake. She did jail a journalist or two. Corruption was in fact rife even then. The only difference between her and PGMA is that back then, we were too ecstatic that we were no longer being outrightly oppressed by a regime and completely forgot about other problems like corruption. Just looking at how Hacienda Luisita remains as one of the largest and most politically protected lands owned by families in Central Luzon tells you something about the Aquinos.

I won't be a sunovabitch seer and say everything could've been helped. We were really out of money and yeah we had issues. But clearly we could have done better. Money was in fact pouring in from investors despite all those problems but with a weak president in the lead, we were too busy getting raped by our own hands to do something with the cash.

I feel bad for her that she has cancer, but she's no saint. Stop treating her like one! And quit saying it's Kris Aquino's fault. Kris never tried to cover up farmers being shot for trying to protest for what is clearly theirs.

Stop acting like stupid sheep and read beyond the text books.

End political-related rant. Don't expect another one anytime soon, as shit like this leaves a very bad aftertaste after everything's been written down. Really bad.

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