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Friday, March 28, 2008

During the time Shaider was ragingly popular in the Philippines, it was also popular in France. It was basically the same show, except due to localization, there were some things left out in translation. Shaider as I remember it had the most horrible monsters in any japanese children's action show. If it's not a guy who has more exposed red nerves than a throbbing dong, it's a large face that expectorates whole eggs. The fallen angel monster that dances to the Makafushigi song from one episode kinda defined an entire decade of fearing old women for me (note that this monster wasnt even one of the bigger profile monsters.) Long story short, Shaider was anything but a happy show to watch.

And then the French stepped in.

You can always expect from the country that calls its own capital "gay" to make things more festive than usual. I was half expecting Shaider to remove his helmet, wear a beret and start doing cancans with Annie halfway into the clip.

Gotta love France. Great food too.

edit: the original link was lost, and the alternative doesnt allow embedding. Sorry about that.

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weremanok said...

the video is no longer available :(


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