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Friday, February 08, 2008

Listen lady, sometimes you just have to tell men what they really want. Other times telling them what they're going to get if they refuse works better (dislodged testicles, for example)

My friend says he lives a hardcore life. I guess mine can be classified as softcore. Kinda like the same thing, but with less dicks and assholes in the view.

I think I have a superpower and I can freely use it. I can actually see how people will look like when they grow old, like 50 years from now. Unfortunately I haven't been around in this world long enough to see if the power really works.

Bills always seem to come early and airline flights always seem to come in late. So maybe if we were to make the airplanes deliver the bills, we'd have solved one problem or the other.

One perfectly good reason man doesn't live on bread and water alone is that building the second story of your house out of wheat can get tricky.

I bet if you subscribed one yahoogroup address to another yahoogroup address and have the other yahoogroup address subscribed to the first one, you can destroy the internet with the push of a single button.

Real friends never let trivial fights get in the way of more important things - like bigger fights.

Maybe some people forget so they don't have to bear with forgiving people.

Some people get disappointed more because their ability to see potential in people does not include the ability to see potential through.

I think I'm going to far just to be able to brag about my son. There has to be an easier way to become a father who can say "My 7-year old can do Calculus in the dark" without renaming our maid "Calculus" and teaching my son sex at an early age.

ill be out tomorrow so this'll be the last post for the week. cheerio

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