Maid Cafe in Malate

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The other day I was on my way to Robinson's Place Manila when I came across a house filled with huge streamers with anime characters with the inscription "MAID CAFE". It's right across Bellagio Square along Bocobo Street (the street right in front of Midtown Mall from the Pedro Gil exit). I got curious and took a quick look inside. Not to my surprise, I found girls dressed in maid outfits inside, standing around the front of what looked like a normal house (the quality of the girls and outfits in question, I can't testify for or against because I didn't want to linger around too long with my GF tagged along)

On the streamers near the door there were pictures of "themed" rooms like jail cell, torture chamber, school classroom, upper house of congress etc, akin to what they have in some motels (which I learned of through billboards, mind you). Needless to say, it's Malate. The postnotes of signages are in Korean and Japanese. The rooms are themed. The girls are in costume. It shouldn't take a doctorate degree in the obvious to figure that one out.

What's oddly disturbing is the anime streamers, some of which feature popular and current series which are easily recognizable and which innocent youth (if such exist) might misinterpret for something harmless.

I'll try to find out more about the place when I get the time.


shaney ♥ said...

Try to visit the place and write a review about it... I'm quite curious about it. Hahaha! :P

Anonymous said...

Do. Do find out. But, uhm, don't do that this Tuesday though. Ok? Just don't.


Im thinking of dedicating a blog for these things. Haha

Tuesday. LOL What's with Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately i think my friend will need a doctorate degree to understand this xD he's insisting that it will be just an ordinary maid cafe :)BTW will visit the place just to confirm


Keep us posted, and oh, don't get your hopes up.

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Anonymous said...

i found this place too. it actually looks good. any updates on this? ^.^
i googled but i cant find any info on this "maid cafe".

i might be tempted to "check it out"


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