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Monday, December 20, 2010

I gotta hand it to the author of Pupung. Whereas a lot of comics have to rely on a constantly evolving and varying delivery of wit and humor, Pupung has managed to stay in the business for as long as I can remember (I started reading it back when I was seven) using approximately five template jokes. Here are those five.

1. Pictured above, its about "Day" the fat kitchen assistant being associated with food, hidden food, or food used for functions other than eating.

2. Somebody from Pupung ends up looking like a non-Pupung personality.

3. Jordan the short guy is being a cheap, buys something that looks ridiculous.

4. An object goes missing and is found being used for something else.

5. The old guy just being old and shit

Not convinced?

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The wanton lack of creativity makes Jimmy Santos sound like Nikolai Tesla in inventiveness. At least the guy has the knack to not appear everyday doing the same jokes. No, Pupung on the other hand appears on newspapers every single weekday of the year. And he has been doing this for at least 15 years already. Hell, even as a kid I already figured that shit out. You'd think somebody will start calling that shit out or something.

No, Pupung has managed to stay serialized, syndicated, and criminally asinine. A lot of funnier comics have died off for less significant reasons. Meanwhile, Pupung has six books out, and a restaurant named after it.

That's what you call achievement, ladies and gents.

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Anonymous said...

You know what Pupung reminds me of? Ricky Gervais' one template of humor, if such a thing exists. It's basically the level after irony, in which it feels like it's a boring cliched joke but then because it assumes that the supposedly more clever reader expects a brilliant irony-inspired joke, its being so dull actually in a way gets the reader so surprised that the comic turns out to be somehow in a way so annoyingly unfunny, the reader may get to laugh. Does that make sense? Maybe that's how Pupung lasted. Or maybe it's so bad I'm forcing myself to think it's really funny to make up with the wasted 3-seconds of my life reading it. Either way, yours feels better. Because the humor is automatic and gets me teary-eyed immediately without thinking about it too much. Pupung is, oddly enough, "think-y" funny.


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