Changing Routines

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's almost been 10 days since I last updated - quite unbecoming for a blog that used to be updated at least once a day. Maybe I should share to you what happened. See, I live very near La Salle Manila, as I've mentioned before, it's near enough for me to hear the morning bells and the Angelus. Just before quitting my work a good 4 years ago, I decided that I want to work somewhere near by, partially because I'm tired of any commutes longer than one hour, and partially because I'm a lazy fuck. I took on a job at a startup company situated just in front of the US Embassy, accessible by a paltry 20 minute commute from my place, 15 minutes if by taxi.

For a while, it was all good because one, I get to wake up very late (sometimes as late as 8:30 AM) and got home relatively early, during days when our workservers didn't decide to play the "fuck jet's schedule up by crashing at the last moment" game. It left me with more time for rest, other hobbies, and hookers, among other things.

Last year, our small company got eaten up by two larger companies and we were absorbed and relabeled as a new company. Unfortunately, this also involved changing locations of the office, which higher management has decided on our behalf. Our new office is now at The Fort, technically anyway. Our building is at the far end of the district, surrounded by vacant lots. In a way our building is like that weird kid during gradeschool that nobody wanted to sit beside for reasons that were just beyond us at the time. (i.e. AIDS)

As for travel time, I can't be happy about it. There is no way getting to my new office can be any faster or more conventient than my previous route. And being the nerd that I am, I felt the urge to find the most efficient route to my office by keeping time using various methods (including, but not limited to, trains, taxis, driving, rocket powered chairs) Tally for today is as follows in minutes and seconds:

00:00 - Left the doorstep of our house.
08:46 - Arrived at LRT Vito Cruz Station.
30:54 - Boarded the MRT Train (delays at the VC station because no train was arriving)
40:25 - Left the MRT Train at Guadalupe Station
54:56 - Arrived at the office via the Market!Market! Jeepney

So far, this proves two theories. One is that I can commute to work under less than an hour, and two, I need a better form of entertainment whilst travelling.

Adjusting to a new routine everymorning after having the same one for the last four years is just tiring, one reason why I didn't blog as much the past week. (again, also because I'm a lazy fuck). I'm not liking the new arrangement, but I'm willing to try it until it does, or until I just say "fuck it, I'll go look for something better"

But yeah, what can I say? I happen to like this company about as much as I like this blog.

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Menaya Garces said...

It does sometime throw you off the loop when you change your routines. At least it does on my part. Good narrative, though.


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