US Airways Plane Crash in Hudson River

Friday, January 16, 2009

One thing I never really got until today is why the airlines bother to explain to me what we'd have to do in case of a water landing. They even have illustrations on their safety reminds of how an airplane is in the water and rafts are being deployed ever so peacefully, as though the passengers are going on a special excursion that requires them to remove shoes.

I wonder, because most of the time, the second an airplane lands the tip of the water, the airplane, including you inside, would've exploded into a thousand separate pieces including the vest that you've "secured in place with the locking tabs". Good luck blowing your emergency whistle when your lung is fifty meters away from your diapraghm.

As a matter of fact, the odds of a safe water landing is so small, flight attendants don't even drill for it - the same way we programmers don't do drills for in case a bunch of hot Playboy magazine playmates suddenly enter our office and ask for help in installing Ubuntu.

Today, a US Airways airline crashed at Hudson River, in one of those rare occasions that the low odds actually pay off. An airline,
Flight 1549, crashed in New York's Hudson River near manhattan, and gently enough so that the plane doesn't come apart like a model kit hitting your pool at a 100km per hour. All 155 passengers are alive too.

So I guess we have to start rehearsing for when those playmate models come barging in now.

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