Net Square Elevator Fell (Net 2)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This just in, an elevator fell 14 floors down at Net Square (Net 2), Fort Bonifacio Taguig City. Thankfully nobody was inside when it happened.

(kinda like this, but without the funny looking chinese dude)

Elevators are generally safe modes of transportation. I'd like to bet you're safer inside an elevator than inside most hookers here in Manila. The safety features of an elevator usually exist to make sure there's no frigging way an elevator can fall continuously and actually kill somebody.

And yet for some reason, today, it did. How does something like that happen? And in a particularly well-to-do building too. As my friend says, I smell a lawsuit coming.

Looks like a more reliable information set has arrived courtesy of weremanok, from an email sent to the tenants of Net2. (see comment) I guess that settles that.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. Its not like Net Square is a very safe building.

Anonymous said...

It should have triggered the emergency brakes when it reached the speed that is above the maximum allowable operation speed of the elevator. It is a Mitsubishi elevator should have been Toyota IMO.

Mike Abundo said...

Used to go there a lot. Glad I don't anymore. O_O

Anonymous said...

What were told to us was that the car fell from 20/F to 14/F and that the brakes worked! Strange.
The other three elevators were brought back to operation less than an hour after the accident. I'm wondering if they even checked them thoroughly. Isn't this kind of incidents reported to the authorities, say to the Office of the City Engineer? A day after the accident, I haven't seen people checking or investigating... Strange.

Anonymous said...

The details told to us were somewhat sketchy too. Hopefully a full report on the incident will be given.

weremanok said...

This was emailed to the tenants of Net2 explaining the elevator incident:

1. The unit was travelling up to the Penthouse Level with no passengers when the incident occurred.

2. Upon reaching the Penthouse Floor, the unit moved up several inches above its normal stopping level and made contact with the Machine Room slab just above it.

3. Upon contact, the unit automatically engaged emergency brakes and locked the unit at the Penthouse Floor. This is a built-in safety feature in all our elevators, which immobilizes the lift once it senses any abnormal operation.

4. As a standard operating procedure, Bonifacio Emergency Response teams were called to stand-by and assist if needed.

5. At no time did the elevator travel precipitously downwards; safety features on the lift prevent this from happening.

Anonymous said...

Quote "This was emailed to the tenants of Net2 explaining the elevator incident"

I am working in net2. I still haven't recieved any email about this incident whatsoever.

Quote "At no time did the elevator travel precipitously downwards; safety features on the lift prevent this from happening."

Then what was that huge bang we heard?

Can you please identify yourself? You are obviously working for NET2. This should be reported to the media. This building is obviously not safe for work.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the email was sent to representatives of the tenants(either to your HR or President). It was then forwarded to us in our case. So not only Weremanok knows about this email.

But frankly, everyone heard the bang. They should stop covering up the issue and just address the safety concerns rather than scrimping on maintenance (for crying out loud, the building is relatively freaking new, but they just patched the walls of the building already -- SUBSTANDARD).

Anyway, no one believes the crap about the memo. They're freaking liars who have the nerve to stop you everytime to inspect your belongings because they're paranoid about security yet give a crap's ass about safety. And what's with the 2:30pm start time before they allow delivery guys to deliver goods to the tenants on their respective floors???

Masyado silang ma-feeling! Turuan nga ng leksyon ang mga Rufino na yan (they own a big share of the net group)!

weremanok said...

I am not working for NET2 and I don't have to identify myself to anyone. Besides, you're the one who is the anonymous user here. RedKinoko (this blog's owner) knows me personally and if you have a problem with my identity, you can ask him about me yourself.

As for the bang, I can only speculate that it was caused by the locking of the emergency brakes. I don't see any reason for an elevator to freefall since the emergency brakes would prevent it from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but it wasn't a bang. It was more like a thump, like some mythological giant fell on his arse. The impact was felt 10 floors up! No elevator brake could cause such a floor vibration.


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