Chinese New Year

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yesterday, my mom brought home a couple of items for the Chinese new year. Fruits, rice, round bread - among the expected things, and a couple more unexpected things, like spring onion and ginger root.

Spring onion and Ginger Root.

Now I don't really mind celebrating the Chinese New Year even though I'm not Chinese and it's not the New Year, and I somewhat like the idea of being able to whore out on grapes and cherries for the sake of tradition, but what the hell were people thinking when they started recommending spring onion and ginger root?

I can't think of any other celebration in the world that warrants a celebration involving spring onions, unless of course there's a village that was saved from utter destruction by using spring onion. (probably not)

I'm guessing it's all a ruse. The Fung Shui masters that appear on TV are also the owners of very large groceries that aren't doing too well. Of course, one way to make poorly selling items to sell better is to tell the more gullible toads that those items have magical powers.

While normally if a vegetable vendor tells a guy that his potatoes in a can grant any wish, nobody would buy it for a second. Things change when it's the Chinese new year, and the vegetable vendor calls himself "Master Ping Pong".


If one day you find yourself buying buy-1-take-1 near-expiration tocino because some "expert" on TV told you it's lucky, don't act suprised.

I frigging told you so.

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