One-day Macau Trip Foreword

Monday, September 08, 2008

I'd like to note a few things about the guide that I'll be posting after this that you may need to consider if you want to replicate our itenerary as exactly as possible.

1. I grew up in a family where touring another country means less of a vacation and more of a military operation. This is usually because we very rarely stay with relatives and friends and hotels are f'ing expensive so we try to cram as much activities as possible with the smallest of timeframes. The same applies for this Macau trip. We only stayed long enough and nothing longer. No coffee breaks, no 20 minute photoshoot sessions - nothing.

2. None of our itinerary was planned. The only resources we used are the visitor information counter at the terminal and a bunch of unsorted random trivia swimming in my head at that time (e.g. Macau has this unfinished church that keeps appearing whenever the country is mentioned. We just needed to fucking see that.)

4. We don't have people who need to urinate every 10 minutes in our group.

3. Guided tours are for fags.

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