Bad English

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ever encountered people who want to speak English properly but just can't? I remember one time, I was hanging at a friend's house. In that house everybody spoke fluent English - except the maid. That day my friend pointed out the maid coming in from her dayoff.

"O, inday, bakit magisa ka lang ata ngayon? Diba nililigawan ka nung sekyu sa may tapat?" The maid took a deep breath and stared at my friend. "Yis sir. But I don like him. He is a sarcasm."

"Sarcasm? Hahaha, Inday, you must be using the wrong word," my friend replied.

"No sir," replied the maid, "he's a sarcasm."

Finally my friend gave up and asked "What do you mean by 'a sarcasm'?" The maid shook her head, seemingly in disbelief that she couldn't be understood.

"He is a sarcasm. He is asar kasama."

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