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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Okay, this reaction is a bit on the slow side. This is mainly because I am a cheapskate and only buy back-issues when it comes to stuck-in-puberty magazines like FHM. It's cheaper that way, and provided that the magazine is not second hand, a hot picture six months ago is still just as hot now. It's not like FHM is current events or anything. Breaking news is for today, but cheap shitty penis jokes are forever.

So I picked up FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women Issue the other day and found that Regine Velasquez is in TOP 7. Holy crap huh? Sure, at some point Sharon Cuneta was in the list too, but never that in such a high rank. And to be fair, this was 10 years ago, and guys who read FHM like construction equipment too, so tonnage wise at least, Sharon's got dibs for a slot.

No. It's fucking 2011. Regine Velasquez may have been hot at some point in her career. And yes, at some point in may life, I considered her hittable. But then again, at some point in my life, I also thought the Pentium 2 was the most powerful thing in the planet. Interestingly, those two facts occurred at about the same timespan - about a decade and a half ago!

What happened Philippines? Has our love for retro reached a point where even our libido has gotten affected? Regine Velasquez, in case you aren't paying attention is OLD. I'd accept if she's in FHM's Top 100 Historical landmarks instead. She's ancient and renovated enough to pass as a UN heritage site.

To top it off she's married AND pregnant. If we're going by the levels of handicap as measurement of scores, the moment she gets a minor sprain, she'd be dancing in the top seed as the hottest woman in the land.

At least until Sharon grows a V12 engine becomes heavy enough to be affected by the truck ban.

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