Mar Roxas : Linecutting Asshole

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's been two years after the country collectively said "Binay's ugly, scheming, and probably in league with the devil, but we'd rather vote for him than Mar Roxas." Now, Mar is getting a position higher than the one that he ran for. You gotta at least admire the guts of this guy. I personally cannot think of a worse insult than having people pick somebody who quite possibly eats babies for a hobby over him in a popularity contest. Apparently, Roxas is too dense to realize that quite possibly, the people do not want him anywhere near a position of power.

What kind of sick twisted system allows somebody who lost an election get what he doesn't fucking deserve? We're giving him the Chief of Staff position - which is already an extension of the presidency. Given the mental acumen of our current president which is not above that of a week-old carrot, this position might as well be the most powerful in the land. AND WE'RE HANDING IT TO A GODDAMN LOSER.

What does that teach our kids? If you can't win fair and square, find friends who will let you cut the line? To make things worse, the position he's lined up for doesn't even exist yet. The PALACE is basically creating one out of thin air just to accommodate his undemocratic ass.

What's so special about Mar Roxas anyway? The only way I can understand the fervor by which MalacaƱang is actively trying to find a place for him in the palace is if he eats coal and shits gold-encrusted diamonds. That'll definitely solve a lot of problems. News flash though - HE DOESN'T. The only distinguishing feature he has at the moment is he's married to Korina Sanchez, who is 50% journalist and 50% prefabricated plastic.

Seriously, fuck that asshole. I'd sooner have voted Jay Sonza as vice than him.

At least Jay is honest about what he wants:

Another shot at Mel Changco.

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