Shogun 2 Crash When Loading Saved Game File

Friday, March 25, 2011

I love the Total War series. I've been a huge fan ever since Rome Total War days. I honestly think it's the "historical RTS" that got the balance right between a fun gameplay that doesn't require you to tweak a thousand different variables to run an empire and a sort of entertaining degree of historical accuracy. As for Shogun II, I've been waiting for this game since forever. Being a history buff, and having a trip to Kansai late last year made me real pumped up to play a grand RTS campaign based on Japanese history.

But the problem is, and I don't know why this is just so damn persistent, like history, Total War seems to keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again as far as product quality goes.

I installed Shogun 2 Total War this afternoon, and it's just damn unplayable. Even the most basic of basics, the main menu, only loads 6 out of 7 times. You'd think they'd be able to see that not being able to see your game is already A BIG GODDAMN DEAL. But okay, there's a workaround for that right? Just run the game again, hopefully with better luck roll.

And THEN there's the saving problem. Eight turns in, I've subjugated a nearby clan and am preparing a massive excursion into another clan and then I told myself "hey, I've done a lot already, I should shut off this thing and get back to getting a life" And so I did. I saved and left.

Then after I tried switching the thing on, BAM. Saved files are no longer loading. LIKE FUCK. I told myself, maybe it's just my copy. I check the net and saw that the problem is prevalent in a lot of other player experiences too.

Okay, so it's just a bug. Maybe it renders your effort useless every now and then randomly, but hey, we all make mistakes.


As early as Rome Total War, there's already been issues with save files getting corrupted. Medieval II Total War also had it (although it was addressed fairly quickly), Empire TOtal War also had it, and it took almost forever to get fixed. You'd think that since it's just the same company, the first thing they'd check when testing the game is to see if issues that popped up last version wont anymore in the new one. But it just does.
And we're just all expected to lap it up and wait for a fix. Whatever happened to the days when you buy a cartridge, play with the game and not have to deal with half-baked products like this? We didnt download no steenkin patches back then. Thanks to the internet, games are coming out half done, like a badly rushed homework or something.

I honestly hate love this game so goddamn much.

History repeats itself.

To the guys who are also experiencing this problem, report your problems on this forum so CA and SEGA know that this is a major issue and not just a minor one:

Let's not waste 50$ on a game that wont even work in the most basic level.


Anonymous said...

i hate this save problem. it so goddamn fucked up..

Anonymous said...

yup same problem? any idea how to fix this?


Patch it up. If you're using a pirated copy, look for the light-something release.

Artix said...

Yeah, same probem here,...
Bought the game with lots'a excitement and now Completely disappointed !

[ By the way, I bought it for 1$, it's just like this in Countries with no copyright lol ]

Anonymous said...

It is called Fairlight. I am using a pirated copy because it is hard to get money, the games are very expensive in stores and I don't have a credit card. Everything works when I start. When I save it and exit then resume my game then it crashes. I have the update V1.1.0 Build 4358.0


Try to patch it up. FLT provided a few patches ported from steam.

Anonymous said...

Atrix - And in so called, third world countries it is absolutely free :))

Juliamos Simatupang said...

I know that feel bro, fucking asshole where creative of creative assembly wtf

Juliamos Simatupang said...

I know that feel bro, fucking asshole where creative of creative assembly wtf


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