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Thursday, March 24, 2011

About a year ago, a friend of mine from highschool invited me to start writing for Statement magazine. One of my first few tasks was to prepare the main article for a certain Derek Ramsey, who up to that point is only familiar to me because he tends to appear on posters about canned tuna. A lot. Write a straight man's article about Derek, my editor told me. Uhh okay. So I thought I'd try to get past the parts where female/female-at-heart writers usually stop because they start orgasming at some point in the interview.

So I went with deeper questions, to prove to myself and the rest of the readers that there's nothing much beyond that. Let's call it man prejudice: "He's not me, therefore he's a turd." The interview proved me wrong and changed my opinion to "He's not me, so he's kind of okay." For a man's opinion of another man, that's about as good as it gets. So I set off writing the article, but alas, for some reason I just couldn't come up with the right piece that fleshed out the spirit of the interview. People who read the article kind of agreed, so to at least make up for my failed goals, I am publishing the transcript of our discussion.

You're technically the most sought-after guy in the country today. And I think you know this.

That's what they say, but I don't really...

Did you ever foresee this happening to you?

No. Even this whole showbiz thing I never thought... even commercials I'd end up doing. Any of this.My first commercial ever was closeup and I was still (nice?) enough to do that and then I was in and out of the country then because I was studying in England so every time I'd fly in and visit my parents, I'd shoot a commercial, fly back to college, shoot a commercial, fly back, then move to the states, then after the states after graduating, i moved here permanently and got a job with MTV and I got offers left and right from showbiz and I denied that for a couple of years then I said you know what sige na nga I'll just try it.

That was the point that you realized, I think I'm made for this?

I still don't think that that was the moment. I couldn't get in front of the camera to tell you the truth but I'm a guy that likes to get over my fears. Before graduating I decided to join a college play just to get that feeling of being in front of a crowd, anything to do with acting or even public speaking so I auditioned for this play called the postmaster and got the role. and I did it. My parents flew halfway around the world just to watch and that was when I started to get comfortable being in front of the camera. Then ayon, commercials left and right.Then my stint with MTV which was fun and gave me even more confidence. I'm really willing to try anything but I never expected that I'd be where Im at now

You're currently doing modeling hosting and acting.

I find modeling the hardest thing to do. I'm not a ramp model I'll leave that to the pros.

What do you think is the next step for you.

I know one day this rollercoaster ride is going to end. I hope im going to be someone better someone new. I'm willing to grasp that day will come and im just taking it one day at a time. Enjoying whats being given to me now. Doing what contracts that I have. I always finish my contact. What's next? I dont know, more challenging roles. Stop playing the rich kid. Stop dying in the movies. Yeah. My dream is to play on like a war movie do a war movie or something historical.

If youre not an actor, or not a model, or not a host what would you be doing?

I think I'd be a teacher. I started as a marketing major. I did physics math at A levels. I dont know why. All my friends say they think id be a good teacher and I enjoy teaching kids so I think Id be a teacher but not here.

Three things that you cant do without.

First my family I have to be with nearly family. My sports even though I have a busted knee Im still playing. I'm hardheaded. And travel I have to travel. REquirements sa akin yan every year.

SO you're well traveled?

Im very lucky my parents brought me up, sending me all over the world. Ive been to israel kibbutz afrika, jordanl, all over europe, all over asia. Name me a place and Ive probably beent here. This year ill be in South africa for the world cup. I'll be in Korea to compete. Shanghai to compete. PRague to compete. Yeah, I've been everywhere. Even Finland. I don't know.

Which do you think is the most beautiful place on earth?

Here. That's why I'm here. I'm never going back to Europe. I'll never be in Europe. If I were to pick a place to spend the rest of my life, it would be here or in australia. People are very laid back, very nice. Over in ENgland you have to make an effort just to make friends. People just come up to you and theyre already nice. Extreme because if you piss them off, they get mad. Some of the most beautiful places Ive been to are here in the Philippines. To retire, somewhere int he province here or in Gold Coast Australia, which is similar to what we have here, just more organized.

Can you tell us something that few people know:

Ive been olaying the piano and the trumpet. I took piano classes for six years. The trumpet was a forced instrument for me to play. I wanted to play the Saxophone, but there were no more sax available so I got stuck with the trumpet

Did you ever want to play for the public?

Hell no. It's a thing I'd rather play by myself. I can read notes, but I'm more of making kapa. But I haven't been playing any instruments lately.

Statement Questions.

What do you think makes a man successful?

Wow. I guess it's not about making millions and millions of dollars and pessos. If youre content with the things youve done. My dad always told me, Derek if you did it all, even if you fail, I'm proud of you. He wasnt the father that forced me to get good grades, even though bagsak grades ko, even though I did my best, he's proud of me. If I can reach half of what my dad's done with his life, I'd be very proud of myself and I'd consider msyelf successful. It's the work that you put in. You put in all your work, and one day you sti back and you can say "This is all mine because of hard work." You have a family that sticks by you and you have been committed to that family. I guess that's how you judge the success of somebody. It's not hte money you make. It's being content with what you've done.

You're aware that this whole showbusiness is not forever. How would you want to be remembered and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind.

I'd like people who I've been working with to know that everytime Ido a role or have a job, I givemy best. I want to be known as the actor who doesnt compete with his fellow artist when doing a project. I'm all for createing a good project not getting involved with you know how some things are, guess it's true. I play the role that's given to me. Let's put it this way. Everyone always say "Why do you always die? Bakit ka pumapayag na pinapatay yung character mo? I say That's what'sint he script. Why would I change it? They say it's not good for my image. I don't play for my image. If I like the scirpt I like the character. I play my character. I don't like to change it midway when we're shooting a project. That's what I want them to remember. "Ah si Derek, hindi yan maarte. Sya lang yung, you know, he plays his role, he does his job. When I start a job, I finish it. Even though halfway through, you encounter some problems. Tatapusin ko. Let's say may prob ako with this actor, director, I don't talk to that person anymore pero no prob tatapusin ko."

Last question. What is the role of the showbiz industry in shaping the future generations (Deep question)


People look up to you.

We gotta educate the people who are watching us. I dont want to sound mean, but what's kind of disappointing sometimes is we are kidn of scared to take the risk of trying new things for the things that we do. You know indy films. I'm all for indy films. Try different style, different stories, not just doing the same thing, changing the setting, changing the name of hte characters. Sinasanay naitn viewers natin na ganun. We should be able to take new risks to give our viewers something new. If we do that, we'll tap all the classes, we'll get more peopel to support our own work instead of people watching cable, watching foreign fimsl, I think that's our resposnibilt to educte the viewers byd oing stuff liek that instead of doing more of the chismis side. I think the shows that rate the most are teh ones with most chismis, sinasanay natin yung mga viewers na magfollow ng lives ng people, who are also arent perfect and they feed on that, the imperfect of other people. Educate the viewers, give them new things to watch, things that they can indulge into.

ANy movies anytime soon?

I havent thought about htat. I'm a sponge Im still learning a lot of new things as an actor. As a director, I wouldnt know what to do I need to learn. Onet hing with me, that';s why you dont see mi in ASAP, singing and dancing regularly, I leave that ot the pros. The ones who acutally have talent, I'm the first one to admit I cant sing and I can't dance. We accept that you put soembody there who cannot sing but we still love him because, sige kasi maganda na mukha, pwede ka na magartista. IN the states, you have all these people who may not be the best looking people but htey have talent. ANds I feel sorry for the people here who relaly have talent in acting but theyd ont get the chance to because of their physical apperaance which is not something I agree with. Yun.

Last statement

I'm very vocal. I gets me in trouble. But that's how I am. That's how I was brought up. I stand up by the values given to me by my parents.

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