Buendia Bus Bombing - My Take

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A so called "big bomb" is said to have destroyed a bus along Buendia avenue earlier, but according to Senior Superintendent Froilan Bonifacio, chief of police of Makati, they're still determining what kind of bomb it is. It's a true tragedy indeed, and it starkly reminded me of what happened a few years back, which also happened early in the year, if anybody remembers. The Valentine's day bombing, attributed to the Islamic group happened along EDSA and killed and injured a lot of people as well. I can't begin to imagine how people really find motivation in doing these things. What could be so bad that injuring innocent commuters would be justifiable? We're not in the Middle East. We do have religious friction but thankfully not enough to cause this kind of atrocity!

I don't think the damage sustained by the bus looked like it's a very big bomb. But then again, we have to at least have an idea what the cops think of a "big bomb". I feel that releasing such a statement so early in the investigation is both haphazard and sensationalist, and the media will have another field day with this one. Just take a look at how close the media got to the bus (yet again)

I do hope that this has nothing to do with the military looking for an excuse to start moving against whichever objectified threat they have in mind. While I can't claim that this has been true for previous cases, theories that go around the net like this can't possibly have zero basis. So here's to hoping.

As for the unfortunate victims, right now, I just hope for the best for them and their families.

p.s. I wanted to get into more detail on the bomb specifics, but I'd rather wait this one out first for more information to be released. So far, everything's just sketchy. Will update as soon as we have more data to crunch. If I were to make a half-assed guess, judging from the partial vectorized explosion of the shatterproof glasses, it'd be a high-impact fragmentation grenade of sorts. 40mm? The energy is too focused and there's not much burn inside.


Anonymous said...

And just like that, the carjacking issue that is likely to lead to a lot of higher ups in the police ranks is going to be forgotten in tomorrow's news.

What farce.

Anonymous said...

sana mag karoon ng cctv cam sa loob ng bus,. ipanalangin natin ang mga victim dito.naka paka sakit ang pangyayaring ito.


Just as calculated. It's not a BIG bomb. It's a mortar-based IED. :| Binay should stick with what he knows best and stop making assumptions for everybody.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the conductor should check the things of the passenger before entering the bus for safe trip purposes.


Anonymous said...

"We do have religious friction but thankfully not enough to cause this kind of atrocity!"

- that's not entirely so. these things take place frequently in the south.


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