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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Good foreplay is like wading in flood. It should get you wet only where you want to be, and not so much it gives you an infection.

One positive thing about people panic buying: The following week, you're guaranteed fresh stock.

Saying braving 200km winds won't kill you because it's just wind is like saying hookers are safe because they're just women wearing funny outfits. (tip: it's what they're bringing that does)

I think the reason why they've started to use men names for storms is because more and more men are starting to act like women (from nikumanju <3)

People are wondering why DSWD kept on distributing supplies in Makati even to those that weren't too affected by Ondoy. It probably has something to do with their local government flooding them neck-up in bullshit about "ganito kami..."

While I'm all against the statement that the storms were caused by the nation's sinners. That's bull. If it's true, the first district to have flooded should've been the red light districts.

On a more serious note, there's nothing funny about what happened to our fellow countrymen. Keep the donations coming, and let's all stay vigilant against any further complications that we might come across.

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