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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The DepEd is now being indicted once more for purchasing expensive shampoo for the children. Shampoo? Really? Looks like somebody had the wrong idea when we told them to take care of the kids' heads.

International storm "Lupit" is headed our way. Something's wrong. "Lupit" should be the local name. "Kickass" should be the international name.

Gunmen stormed a timepiece store last Sunday in Greenbelt 5, taking about 6 million pesos worth of Rolex and Tudor watches. It should be worth noting that nobody touched the Fossil watches on display, proving once and for all that nobody gives a fuck about Fossil whether they're on your hand or they're up for stealing.

According to Dangerous Drugs Board chief-drug-user Sotto, 14 mayors are now under watch for involvement in drugs. The only reason they could only tag 14 is that the rest are too high up in the clouds to be investigated.

Two Koreans were arrested last Sunday after getting caught smoking pot outside a disco in Cebu city. A Korean representative visited the two afterward in an attempt to get the whole story of the incident. Yeah, sure. Good luck there, buddy.

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