Legarda: Underachieving Her Way To Success

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now here's something new in our proud history as a country whose government's entertainment value exceeds that of the actual entertainment industry: Loren Legarda - notable political driftwood, major consumer of what appears to be transformative cosmetics, and bitter loser of the last election for vice president, has announced her intention to run as - wait for it - VICE PRESIDENT.


Without a co-runner for the presidential position.

I don't really find it strange to find her running again as vice president. We're all encouraged to keep on trying until we're dead (see Ping Lacson for more info) but I think this has to be the first time somebody has ever been deadset into running as Vice-President, a position usually reserved for only three types of politicians:

1. Presidentiables who figured they just can't win
2. People who got bribed into running for posterity purposes
3. Presidentiables who can't read and mistakenly checked Vice President instead during the filing of candidacy.

Usually, somebody runs for president and just asks anybody who has a pulse and good hair (the only basic requirements for successfully acting as a vice president in this country) as a running mate.

No. Loren Legarda's decided to go against that trend. In a sweet reverse of situation, she's decided to gun for second place, making her the political equivalent of the student who studies just to barely pass. AND she's looking for a presidential running mate. We may be seeing the birth of a new career: Professional Vice Presidentiable.

Call center agents, watch out.

This just might be the next big thing.

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