Early Campaigning, Bad Photoshopping

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When put to good use, Photoshop accentuates the message of a signboard and really brings out the good angles of women, for this case a woman who looks like she really hates her husband's surname.

Mr. David, take a hint. This woman would rather have the word TULE in large red font beside her face than have your family's surname accented. She hates you that much.

There's lazy, and then there's template lazy. This piece looks like whoever made this had 5 minutes to do it and could only make use of the same banner as above for a guide, with that Holy Mary thing theme going on. Seeing the minor portraits of Mayor Lim and Gloria there, it's almost like the nativity scene actually, with Mary, Joseph, and a mascot that looks like Stitch.

Still on the topic of lazy, I guess some people can't even be bothered to pose with a REAL FUCKING HELMET ON. Maybe she's too busy wiht work to actually do it, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. The biggest problem here actually, is relying too much on some overpaid photoshop asshole who makes me feel like I'm Leonardo Da Vinci. The helmet shoop is about as conspicuous as using road ashpalt for facial reconstruction.

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