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Monday, September 14, 2009

If you were about half as smart as a ripe banana in Highschool you'd probably know as much that our local text books are the Senate's equivalent of academic writing, more likely to slow down progress through misdirection than help anybody because of the number of mistakes we see every session. (like Jamby Madrigal, following the Senate analogy)

I don't need 2000 words to prove it. And you can read all about it online.. With the bloodlust hounding of private publishing companies attempting to keep on profiting by forcing our kids to use substandard books written by academic failures who obviously can't teach squat, it's a dismal situation.

But here's an idea, if you hear me out.

Currently, there is a site called WikiBooks, which is basically like Wikipedia, but structures its content in the form of books, translatable to the printed format and usable by students. The only difference is that unlike the traditional books, authorship is not restricted to a bunch of thirdstringer researchers paid minimum wage.

We can use this instead to build a better edited version of our text books. While normal netizens like us are unqualified for such an endeavor, I'm sure our collective effort will be definitely be better checked than what we currently have.

In time, perhaps we can convince teachers to start using these "free, easily corrected" books that only need to be peer reviewed once before being used for academic purposes.

Any takers?

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