North Koreans Don't Take Shit From Somalians

Monday, April 13, 2009

All this news of the eventual rescue of the American captain who got taken hostage by a bunch of pirates last week with the help of the Navy Seal is just dandy. That's what happens when you mess with nationals of the country with the strongest military force in the world.

Of course the rest of the world can only say, "Maan, I wonder if my country will also send special forces to my rescue when I'm stranded in the middle of the fucking ocean with a bunch of unbathed pirates holding RPGs that could blow me and THEM up at the same time."

Not the North Koreans.

These guys know that if they get fucked up abroad, the government will give as much care as much as Kim Jong Il cares about fashion. And even if they escape, the "humiliation" brought by getting captured is enough to warrant their execution and the execution of every person they've touched the last month they were still in NoKor.

So what happens when a bunch of Somalian's attempt to attack a North Korean ship?

They TaipoDong'ed the hell out of the pirates. That's what. See, pirates are desperate starving criminals who are hoping to get chump change from whatever they can get their hands. But then again we have the North Koreans who are basically desperate, starving, AND are dead men who have nothing else to lose (see above)

When the pirates took over, the North Koreans were clearly not taking any shit from the pirates, and were reported to have asked them to surrender.

That's right.

A bunch of guys with highpowered weapons come onboard against unarmed sailors and what do the sailors say? "Mismatch, fuckers. Drop your weapons and we'll let you live."

Not believing it, the Somalians missed their last chance.

By the time the scuffle was over, two Somalians were dead and the other five surrendered while having uncontrolled bouts of shitting themselves in fear.

Now who's to say being Communist has no finer points?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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