7 Days - Project Progress

Monday, April 13, 2009

The past few days, I found myself involved in a project I've always been planning to do but have never really gotten the time to do (Translation: I'm effing lazy) Anyway, I'm making a visual novel with miss Xindt and we're supposed to finish 50% after 7 days - hence the working title.

Here are a few screen caps:

title screen that took 5 minutes to make

More after the jump.

This is where your taxes go.

Fuck yeah, Angel Script is the new PERL.

I still have lots of things that need to be done. The script for one, also, proofreading my shit.

Let's just say the next few days will be VEEEEEEEEEEERY busy.

(so if I start ignoring people on YM that doesn't mean I'm being lazy. Think of it as sacrificing for the love of the craft)

(or I'm lazy and I don't want to admit it.)


ticoi said...

hmm.. naalala ko dati nung h.s. pa tayo napag-usapan natin gumawa ng uhm.. H-sim game? wahehehe. Ako magdrodrowing, ikaw na bahala sa iba. hahaha


Hindi pa huli ang lahat tol. Hindi pa huli ang lahat.


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