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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So the other day, I was passing by Pedro Gil when I saw a lot of counterfeit Starbucks mugs being sold by street peddlers, and I thought it was kinda cool that they actually looked like the real thing, and given that the mugs in Starbucks aren't exactly in prime condition (i.e. they look like a thousand people have slurped through them), a few washings later you won't know the difference.

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Cris, an officemate of mine suggested before that if you are good enough, you can swap a fake mug with an original one when the baristas aren't looking. Of course you just have to live with the fact that you're indirectly kissing at least 30 other guys who've used the mug before you everytime you use the mug, but hey, real starbucks mug.

I have a better idea.

Everytime you visit starbucks, smuggle in a fake starbucks mug, make it look like it's been recently used by pouring some of your coffee into it and then leave it on a table (if possible, not yours). I can just imagine the reaction of the manager once he/she realizes that the mugs are multiplying.

Disappearing mugs, managers can handle. But what will they do when the mugs are suddenly in a surplus? I'd like to see this mindfuck done.

Of course it'd cost you a bit, but hey, I bet giving the manager a pleasant shock will be priceless - at least for as long as you dont get caught or come clean.

Because let's face it.

When you start messing with the guys who make your coffee, there are about a hundred ways they can get you back. Half of them with the term "spit" as part of the recipe for revenge.

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