Jeepney Seats are Sadistic

Friday, April 24, 2009

I think people who make Jeepney seats are evil sadists. It seems that there is no jeep in existence that has exact sitting space for N people. If you fill a jeep to its sitting capacity, there's always that one guy who will have to spend the trip sitting on 1/4 of an asscheek while praying to God his legs don't give way from the strain.

It doesn't even matter how long the jeep is. If it's a 12 seater, you can only seat 5.5 people on each side. If it's an 18 seater, 8.5 sitting spaces on each side.

It's inhuman I tell you. One of these days somebody's going to have a badly injured buttcheek and that person will not be able to sit straight for an entire month.

Are we going to allow that tragedy to happen?


1 comment:

paopao said...

i experienced this .. lolx .. that's why when it seems that the jeep is almost full, i wait for the next one .. :p


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