Dig Dug, Damn It

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I was passing by Roxas Blvd earlier when I realized that the entrance of Vito Cruz is now closed to traffic due to yet another digging project. The Taft intersection of Vito Cruz also has already been closed for almost four months for the same reason, effectively closing the whole road down.
Now consider this. Vito Cruz is the exit point of a vast majority of cars from La Salle. Cars in La Salle are like trees in UP Los BaƱos and communists in UP Diliman - there's a fucking lot of them and they need a place to go to. Closing Vito Cruz down is like sealing the anus of a particularly fat man. It just can't lead to anything good.

Now I have to go as far as Buendia just to go to my office which is on the OTHER side of Taft Avenue because the previous detours has caused the closure of a u-turn slot I was previously using.

All this digging is getting a bit too far. I won't be surprised to know that Maynilad is now also absorbing our Department of Archeology (if we have one) because they're just clearly digging too much everywhere.

It's not too hard to imagine that one day, I'd be walking along a road and see an excavation project inside an excavation project.

To make things worse, after the digging is done, they don't really replace what they took out to do the digging. (i.e. cement and asphalt) instead, our friends at Maynilad went for the more ecofriendly material called "mud", which nicely turns into a disease-infested shoe magnet once rainy season starts.

You just get to think: We're going to run our water pipes under THAT?

And people still ask my why I always drink coke. *shrug*

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