Is Marcos the Worst Philippine President?

Monday, April 11, 2011

The only good presidency is the one that happened long ago enough for people to forget how horrible it was at the time. Aguinaldo sold out. Quezon enslaved the legislation to a degree that would make Arroyo blush. Magsaysay was a master of subtle publicities and had the entire nation swooning despite his economic ineptitude. Macapagal sold us off to the foreigners. Of course none of these are so evident now because nobody writes things like this in the history books. Point of the matter is, Marcos sucked as a president, but he also did good things, as can be said of every president in our history. It just so happens that he became president at a time that people are able to effectively preserve memories already, so the usual process of forgetting never happened. Ever notice how, no president in the last 40 years seems as good as the ones before? Thanks to technology, we've become really good grudge bearers. That's all.

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