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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"And perhaps, it's of even greater tragedy that the true value of some people can only be seen by the size of the hole they leave behind in our lives." - scribbled on my Azeus training notes from six years ago. I can't remember why I wrote it.

Somebody told me a long time ago, hearts are like stickers. The more places they've tried to belong to, the lesser the chance they'll ever attach for good. You only have one heart, so make sure you stick where it counts.

Weeaboo during Japanese occupation = makapili.

Bakit naman dati hindi tayo obsessed sa mga mali sa printing ng pera natin? Bakit andun si Jose Rizal sa proclamation ng independence? Bakit pwede mo lagyan ng sumbrero yung kalbong katipunero? Meron nga bang kalbong katipunero nun? Wala naman nagtatanong dati.

Changes are like storms, in the fashion that you can never point to the exact moment they begin.

Payo sa buhay #1: Kapag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay. Tapos habang kumakain sya, suntukin mo sa kwan ng sobrang lakas. Bawi ka na.

What does a guy trying to learn cycling have in common with Piolo? If they don't want to fall, they have to look straight.

Is it just me or are the girls I meet at the bars exceptionally good at quantum mathemtatics? Everytime I approach one, I end up getting imaginary numbers.

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