Should I Tint My Car? A Case For The Untinted Car

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Note:(Written with a friend. He's going to put it in a form quite different from this one so I'm free to write at least the ideas we discussed).

While it's common sense to say that a tinted car has many advantages, from energy efficiency, to privacy, to security, there aren't many reasons put out in the open as to why you shouldn't tint the windows of your car. This is my take on why the opposite might prove advantageous.

1. Cars where the driver is visible are treated better in general by other drivers because tint dehumanizes other cars. The moment a human sees another human face, social semantics kick in, which is the same principle that allows us to decapitate a chicken with little remorse and not another human being. The moment normal people know they might get a reaction from other people, they start behaving in a fashion that will avoid an unwanted reaction.

2. Cars without tint are less likely to be broken into as well. While the going principle is that a car with a tint hides valuables easier, one without tint does not give the false sense of security that a user of a tinted car would have, so the owner is more likely to be responsible for his belongings. A thief would be less likely to see valuables scattered in the car, because the owner expects people to try and see.

2b. And even if so, a car without tint is less likely a target because anybody who tries to do anything fishy has a higher visibility from more than just the side where the door/window is being forcibly broken into. And since thievery is all about not getting caught, an untinted car is less likely to get stolen from.

3. An untinted car is less a target for carjacking as well. Since the interior of an untinted car is visible from the outside even when moving, carjacking one will expose the thieves to a higher chance of getting picked out at checkpoints. If they take the driver with them, all the more likely that they will get caught, as it will be hard to hold somebody hostage inside a car and not look like you're holding a hostage.

4. Lastly, an untinted car is safer for the sole reason that there aren't many like it these days. A criminal will always pick a car that does not stand out, given the choice between one that does and one that does not. It's not a conjecture. It's a statistical fact.


Hermine Lindsie said...

I think it's still better to have our cars tinted. The advantages of untinted cars you mentioned can be achieved by advanced security features without forgoing the benefits of privacy and energy efficiency. But you raised a strong point in #1. Despite the presence of car signals, we still end up relying on the gestures of other drivers.

ceramic tint santa monica ca said...

You made strong points here. Anyway, tints have both disadvantages and advantages.


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